The English language is an interesting and a pleasurable subject to study.  One can, with some patience, trace some of its past through the adopted words and phrases of people from different parts of the world.  The British Empire spanned a large part of the world – look at a map of the world before the second world war– vast parts were coloured red indicating British influences, be they political or commercial.  Because of this domination the English language was heard by people of a variety of differences, cultures and languages.  As time passed words of those other languages entered and enriched the English lexicon.

Arabia is the origin of algebra, falafel, halva etc.  India introduced pyjamas, bungalow, curry, shampoo, khaki etc. While from Indonesia/Malaya came bamboo, kapok, paddy, sago etc.  Words such as Sabbath, jubilee, schmuck, schmooze, babel, cherub, shlep entered by way of Hebrew and Yiddish.