Remains of a bridgeHistory is so often made up of bits and pieces which are easily overlooked.  For example if one walks or drives along Firgrove Way one will see what, at first, looks like a chunk of concrete on the Kreupelbosch side of the road pointing towards Starke Road on the opposite side.  A closer look will suggest maybe a bridge?  That would be right and we have a pointer towards a larger piece of history.

Water was needed to supply farms /small holdings in the area so a voor, an irrigation channel, was dug from the Spaansemat River. The bridge was built to span the voor.  For a time the water in the channel flowed down a sandy track. Only when sub divisions took place and houses began to be built in the area did the track become a formal tarred Starke Road and this part of the channel was marked by a broad swathe of grass.  There is still a portion of this old channel to be seen although in recent years a section was sold to homeowners whose property bounded it.