Grade 12 (matric) school learners are coming close to the end of their school careers. They have a few months left to make sure that by studying studiously they pass this particular examination. This will/may be the beginning of their futures.   For some it has been a period of hard work, for others unless they apply themselves very quickly, they might be repeating the matric year.

The English language opens up horizons unlimited.  There are reluctant learners however, who are not very keen to appreciate spelling, grammar, punctuation, increased vocabulary and reading their setworks: a Shakespeare play (this year Othello), a novel and poetry.  Some will enjoy these works other will state “I am not interested, it does not make sense, what use is it going to be to my future?”  At least try and remember the rules when “you” as an individual have to make an important speech, (it could happen) and can only manage a few boring words OR when “you” are trying to talk someone into buying a product that “you” sell and the words to describe this wonderful piece of engineering are not in your vocabulary.  Learning to use and enjoying the words of a language can be very satisfying.

Never take the gaining of an education for granted.  Do not forget that the subject of learning was, in the past, not always so readily available.